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Make #OneReset to protect your business online

Why not make #OneReset to your email password with your mid-morning cuppa? says Cyber Aware – a government campaign to help businesses protect themselves from cyber criminals. Making your email password strong and separate from other passwords can help keep your confidential documents secure from hackers.

New research from UK General Insurance, in partnership with Cyber Aware, has revealed that 79 per cent of Brits surveyed keep emails in their inboxes that could be exploited by hackers for ID theft, fraud, or impersonation. Cyber Aware warns that, if you don’t use a strong and separate password for your main email account, you risk giving a wealth of information to cyber criminals that could be used against you.

Your personal information is valuable to you, but it’s also valuable to hackers and cyber criminals. If you suffered a hack or were locked out of your email account, you could feel a significant loss – both in financial and emotional terms.

You wouldn’t go out without locking your front door, so why give criminals an open invitation to your personal possessions and information online?

For more simple ways to be more secure online, visit Cyber Aware

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