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Your magazine is evolving

Registered Gas Engineer magazine is funded by your registration fee as well as paid-for advertising and we must ensure that it’s the best possible value to you. Later this year, we will be making some changes to how we deliver and how you can read this magazine.

Back in January, we had a huge response to our reader survey, in which we asked how you like to read the magazine. You also shared which elements of it you enjoy, what you find valuable in your work, as well as what you find less useful. We have evaluated what you told us and how we can continue to give you the information you need, in the format you’ve told us you want.

The past few years have seen a huge shift in the way we all consume news and information. We know that many people choose and prefer to stay up to date online. But we know from our reader survey that you also enjoy this magazine in print, and that many like to take time to read important, especially technical, in-depth information.

You’ve told us that you value this magazine’s accuracy, authority and authenticity; many of you keep copies long after they’ve been published to refer back to, and some use our articles and features to support recommendations you’ve made to your customers.

But we all know that in a fast-moving news environment, it’s hard to stay on top of the latest updates in a monthly magazine. We are therefore going to make the changes you’ve told us you want and need, and add to the ways you can read Registered Gas Engineer.

With more than four in five respondents to our reader survey telling us you want to receive a regular newsletter via email, you’ll now receive a new monthly email from us, which will include the latest information from Gas Safe Register and any technical updates you need to know. This will start later this year.

Additionally, much of the news and time-sensitive information that you typically read in print will now appear on this website. This means you will be able to get up to date faster and more easily online. We’ll be adding more stories and information and you can check in whenever suits you to find out what’s going on.

Technical first
You’ll continue to receive Registered Gas Engineer in print, but the frequency will change to every two months, starting this November. Technical features will remain at the heart of the magazine and those features will be easier to find. Plus there will be more of them. We’ll bring you more of the updates you need from Gas Safe Register: its campaigns, people and policies – and how these affect you.

We’ll continue to cover the topics you want to know more about: gas boilers and ancillary topics, new heating technologies, controls, training and so on. And we’ll be able to go into more depth through the magazine’s evolution.

Of course, we will still include your favourite part of the magazine: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. In fact, we’ll be able to include more of your photos in each issue for your enjoyment.

The design of your magazine is evolving too: we know that a significant number of readers live with dyslexia, and we will be making changes to take this into account and to ensure that it’s as accessible as possible, to as wide an audience as possible, particularly when it comes to technical updates. We’ll continue to make sure that our online information complies with accessibility standards.

Over the next few months, we will tell you more about what to expect as we move towards more environmentally sustainable distribution. But, in the meantime, please do let us know if you have any questions at editorial@registeredgasengineer.co.uk

You don’t need to do anything: these changes will happen automatically. You’ll continue to receive the print magazine to your nominated address, as you have always done. And you will receive the monthly newsletter automatically, as long as you have given your email address to Gas Safe Register as part of your registration details, and that it’s up to date.

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