1 billion Euro boost for Viessmann green technologies

The Viessmann Group will invest 1 billion Euros over the next three years to grow its heat pump and green climate solutions portfolio. The family company intends to expand its manufacturing and R&D labs and says its investment will also help to strengthen Europe’s geopolitical energy independence.

Group chairman Martin Viessmann says: “For more than 105 years, our company has been a family for positive change, with a clear focus on energy efficiency and the development of new technologies – such as the first heat pump generation in 1979. Our historic investment decision comes at a time where we build the right foundation for the next 105 years – for us and, even more importantly, for generations to come.”

CEO Max Viessmann adds: “Unprecedented geopolitical developments need unprecedented decisions. We all need more speed and pragmatism in order to fight climate change and to re-think energy generation and use for tomorrow, in order to strengthen Europe’s geopolitical independence. Consequently, we are now accelerating our growth with dedicated investments in heat pumps and green climate solutions.”

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