Image of attendees of a Baxi online seminar on low-carbon heating

‘We can’t wait for one single low-carbon heating solution’

The UK can’t wait for a single, clear-cut low-carbon heating solution that probably won’t arise, says Baxi managing director Karen Boswell. In order to start on the path to net zero, consumers and industry professionals need to be on side to support the solutions, training and new services that are needed long into the future.

We need to start decarbonising heating with current low-carbon technologies now, while future technologies and solutions are developed, and it’s essential to explain to consumers and heating engineers the benefits and transition path to hydrogen boilers, heat pumps and heat networks, according to a discussion panel held last month. BEIS Climate Change minister Lord Callanan joined the virtual seminar, at which the panel acknowledged these challenges, as well as that of upskilling heating engineers to be able to install new low-carbon heating and hot water technologies.

The mix of technologies and their implementation has much farther to go, but panellists agreed it’s critical to deliver clear-cut solutions to meet the energy needs for the wide variety of buildings in the UK. To be successful, they emphasised that now is the time for action in order to deliver a sustainable future for generations to come.

The expert panel also included Emma Pinchbeck, CEO of Energy UK; Ian Rippin, CEO of Microgeneration Certificate Scheme, and Mike Thornton, CEO of Energy Saving Trust.

Baxi managing director Karen Boswell says: “Making low-carbon solutions readily available, ensuring there is a rich body of professionals to install them, and engaging the general public will be key to starting this progress.

“We have pledged that, by 2030, we will be net zero across our operations in the UK. In the meantime, we’re eager to get the conversation started with our industry partners and customers to ensure we make the transition that is coming is as smooth as possible.”

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