LPG cylinders

Update to Code of Practice 7: storage of full and empty cylinders and cartridges

Liquid Gas UK Code of Practice 7 has been updated, detailing the safety standards for storing full and nominally empty LPG cylinders and cartridges.

Guidance is given on safe stacking and storage of cylinders, which includes recommended quantities for vertical stacking and advice on DSEAR regulations for LPG cylinder storage areas.

There are six comprehensive sections and the information is applicable to all types of LPG cylinder. As well as general storage, sections cover displaying LPG cylinders in retail environments, and on vehicles and trailers.

Richard Hakeem, director of Technical and Safety Policy, says: “We need to be encouraging consumers to return their empty cylinders and cartridges and the Code of Practice includes the relevant information to make the return of cylinders and disposal of cartridges as safe as possible for staff and customers.”

The code is relevant to depots, stockists, retailers, service station forecourts and any other premises involved in the storage of LPG cylinders and cartridges.


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