Telescopic internal flue ensures one-person fit

Heating engineers can be assured of a safer, quicker and cheaper boiler flue installation with the launch of a new telescopic internal flue from Baxi.

This internal fit telescopic flue and elbow kit makes it possible to fit a boiler flue from inside a property without the need for extra labour, ladders, or crawling boards for high terminal points.

The flue is available with a short (300mm-470mm) or long (420mm-690mm) length to provide flexibility for a variety of wall thicknesses. Its patented multi-lip rubber weather seal protects it from wind and rain by sealing the flue void from inside and negating the need to make good from the outside. White UV paint also makes sure any portion of the flue exposed through the property’s wall is protected from UV degradation.

Each telescopic internal flue is supplied as a kit complete with a built-in flue elbow and test points. The flue can be fitted onto the top of the boiler with no need for a vertical flue adaptor, which the company says makes for a lower and neater flue finish.

Nick Platt, commercial and marketing director at Baxi, said: “While a flue isn’t generally regarded as the most intricate component of a boiler installation, it can be quite complex to fit, especially at height, which is a challenge we wanted to help engineers to overcome.”


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