Make sure you’re using the correct standard

A reminder from Gas Safe Register’s technical team about the importance of working to the right standards – and where you can find any help and additional information you need.

Whenever you carry out gas work, it’s important to make sure that it is done in the correct manner. You can ensure this happens by working to set standards, which are laid out in industry-reviewed documents and produced by standard-writing bodies such as British Standards Institute (BSI), Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM), and Liquid Gas UK (LGUK – formerly UKLPG).

Each standard is reviewed periodically and updated where necessary. Rules may differ for different installations because some Building Regulations are specific to different geographical areas of the UK.

Important: you should always be aware of the latest versions of each standard. The latest version of all the relevant standards can be found in the Legislative, Normative and Informative document list (LINDL) produced by Gas Safe Register, published on its website. The LINDL is updated every three months and you can read it by logging into your Gas Safe Register online account as well as in Registered Gas Engineer magazine (see Registered Gas Engineer’s July 2022 issue, pages 32-36).

To help you stay up to date with all changes to relevant standards, Gas Safe Register produces an Industry Standard Update (ISU) whenever a standard is changed. ISUs are also printed in Registered Gas Engineer, uploaded to Registered Gas Engineer’s website, and are available in your online account.

Gas Safe Register also provides a Standards Subscription service, which gives you access to 80 essential main gas safety standards. This service is available for businesses that employe 10 engineers or fewer.

We know that most engineers have training manuals too – however, it’s important to make sure that you always have the latest version to ensure the information is up to date. Even then, it’s possible that some information may have changed since publication.

If you need any specific information and you are unable to access the required standard, you can always contact Gas Safe Register’s technical team, who will assist you as best they can. You can call them on 0800 408 5577 or email your question to

Key points

  • Ensure you are following the most up-to-date standard
  • Check that any training material you reference is still relevant
  • The LINDL lists the latest version of each standard
  • The Standards Subscription service provides access to 80 of the main standards
  • If you are in any doubt, contact the technical team, either by phone or email.

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