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People are switching on to smart homes, says Worcester

Homeowners are definitely becoming more interested in connected products in their homes, according to new research by Worcester Bosch.

One in four owners of the company’s Wave smart heating control said they were already planning the next purchase of internet-enabled products at home. Over 70 per cent said they had bought one so that they could operate their heating system remotely.

The news should come as no surprise to heating engineers, who have no doubt seen more enthusiasm for remotely controlled devices in recent years. But the study revealed further areas of interest, suggesting that a smart home revolution really could be under way: smart light bulbs appealed to around 60 per cent of respondents; internet-connected security systems were of interest to 50 per cent, and 30 of homeowners would even consider an oven that could be controlled from a mobile phone or tablet.

The research also highlighted the important role that engineers play in recommending smart heating controls. Well over half of respondents had first heard about their device from a heating engineer – suggesting that homeowners still want get advice respected tradespeople.

Martyn Bridges, director of Technical Communication and Product Management, says: “There has been a huge increase in the coverage of topics such as smart homes and the ‘Internet of Things’ in the media, and clearly this is filtering through to homeowners when it comes to the choices they make for their heating systems.

“With so many products on offer, though, it is key that homeowners recognise the devices that are not just internet-connected, but that use this capacity to make our homes more comfortable and efficient. What is most encouraging is that installers remain a vital support in the decision-making process, meaning they can continue to help homeowners make the right choices when called upon.”


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