Carbon monoxide alarm

NGN’s 7 tips for staying safe from CO

Northern Gas Networks (NGN) is urging households beware of the dangers of carbon monoxide, the ‘Silent Killer’, with seven simple safety steps.

Higher energy prices, the rising cost of living and the Covid-19 pandemic means that many customers may put off their annual gas appliance service or take risks to stay warm in the hope of keeping bills down, says NGN.

Its seven steps to CO safety this Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week are:
• Don’t use gas hobs and ovens to heat rooms
• Keep ventilation outlets clear and unblocked
• Don’t heat a single room for living and sleeping
• Limit cooking pans to one pan per cooker ring, rather than lighting all four burners under one large pan
• Call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999 if you smell gas or suspect carbon monoxide in your home
• Buy an audible CO alarm, at a cost of around £15
• Get your gas appliances serviced annually by a qualified Gas Safe Register engineer.

Customers struggling with increased bills can contact their energy supplier to see if they qualify for affordable debt repayment plans or payment breaks, says NGN. If they are eligible, they can also apply for the Warm Homes Discount Scheme, which could provide a £140 discount on their electricity bill, via their supplier.

You can take NGN’s carbon monoxide quiz here to test your knowledge of the deadly gas.

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