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Illegal gas fitter carried out dangerous work in mobile park home

An illegal gas fitter who carried out dangerous work in a mobile park home has been given a suspended sentence.

Bristol Magistrates’ Court heard that Christian Davis from Bristol was self-employed and trading as BS1 Plumbing and Heating. He carried out gas work illegally as part of the renovation of a mobile park home in Hallen between June and July 2020. Some of the work included installing pipework, a boiler and gas hob.

The HSE, prosecuting, carried out the investigation and told the court that Mr Davis fitted an LPG boiler but there was no securing clamp on the chimney/flue, leaving a clearly visible gap. The gas hob was found to be Immediately Dangerous and showing a yellow flame due to incomplete combustion. On the pipework underneath, bubbles could be seen coming from the soldered joint.

Poorly fitted boiler flue showing gap between flue and boiler

Illegally fitted gas hob showing yellow flames, signifying poor combustion

Gas pipework with leak detection fluid at joints showing that pipework is not sealed correctly

Mr Davis falsely claimed he was Gas Safe registered but had been removed from the Register due to concerns about the standard of his work and his competence.

Christian Davis, of Callington Road, Brislington, Bristol, pleaded guilty to breaching Regulations 3(1), 3(3) and 3(7) of the Gas Safety (Installation and use) Regulations 1998. He was given a 48-week custodial sentence, suspended for two years. He was ordered to pay £3,000 in compensation to the homeowner and £5,000 in costs.

The District Judge told him that he could have killed someone and that she was relieved to find out that he no longer holds himself as competent to carry out gas work. He now runs a burger restaurant and has no connection to the plumbing and gas industry.

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