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IGEM to develop digital Hydrogen Knowledge Centre

IGEM is to create what it describes as a world-class digital repository dedicated to sharing hydrogen resources and leading the advancement of hydrogen knowledge globally.

The Hydrogen Knowledge Centre will include resources on a wide variety of subjects: from hydrogen production, transmission, distribution and storage to applications, safety and training. It will include the latest research, as it emerges, from hydrogen projects currently under way across the UK and internationally.

The Hydrogen Knowledge Centre will offer a searchable database of hydrogen research, reports, data, presentations and videos, across the spectrum of technologies and industry applications – enabling users to broaden and deepen their understanding of hydrogen and support their own research and development efforts.

IGEM will be working with partners to build collaborations and knowledge sharing capability, to act as a signpost to critical, relevant resources and secure the widest reach possible for users.

Chief Executive Officer Neil Atkinson says: “With the support of BEIS, we are proud to be developing this repository for the industry, hosting hydrogen intelligence from gas network companies, leading academic institutions, research centres and industry stakeholders.

“As stated by the Committee on Climate Change, there is no realistic scenario which enables the UK to reach net zero by 2050 without clean hydrogen playing a key role in decarbonising heat, transport, power and industrial processes.

“With a range of hydrogen projects and demonstrations under way across the UK and internationally, the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre will provide a platform for that breadth of learning to be centralised and accessible for its users.

“In addition to developing the first Hydrogen Technical Standards, IGEM has been working closely with industry to support the feasibility and safety evidence base for scaling up low-carbon gases and hydrogen into the existing UK gas network.

“The development of a Hydrogen Knowledge Centre is an exciting next step in bringing the industry’s learning into a central space, for the advancement of the profession and to support the UK’s transition to a net-zero carbon emissions future.”

The Hydrogen Knowledge Centre will launch towards the end of 2020. If you would like to know more about the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre and IGEM’s plans, please email technical@igem.org.uk

IGEM has received £91,000 in funding from BEIS to develop the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre as part of the government’s £505 million Energy Innovation Programme.

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