A Daikin Altherma 3 her pumps in an outdoor setting by the wall of a home

Hive and Daikin to integrate heat pumps with smart home tech

Daikin and Hive have teamed up to help customers control their heat pumps with energy management technology.

The collaboration will see Daikin’s Altherma 3 heat pumps integrated with Hive to provide greater visibility and control of heating systems. Users will be able to personalise their heating schedules, track spending and set budgets, and optimise their heat pump for use when electricity is cheaper and greener because of lower grid demand.

The Hive app is a whole-home smart hub that connects across heating, lighting, batteries and electric vehicle chargers.

Both businesses will trial the integration later this year and plan to roll out it widely once the trial is complete.

Hive’s Gail Parker says: “Domestic heating is one of the largest emitters of carbon in the UK and will require collaboration to address this challenge. As we integrate Daikin heat pumps with Hive, we are making electric heating affordable and simple by giving them the visibility they need to control their heat pump and energy usage.

“As we work towards heat pumps joining the Hive ecosystem, we’re providing customers with a simple way to see and manage all their devices in one easy-to-use app.”

Daikin’s Iain Bevan adds: “This collaboration could help tens of thousands of people decarbonise their domestic heating, reducing their carbon footprint and helping to address climate change.”

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