Fit Wiser controls with Panasonic heat pumps

Panasonic is now offering Drayton’s Wiser heating control system with its heat Aquarea air source heat pumps.

A new partnership between Panasonic and Drayton by Schneider Electric will allow installers to fit the Wiser system with Aquarea heat pumps to provide room-by-room heating control and simple home automation. The smart controls will bring different electrical devices under the control of one app, making homes more energy efficient and helping homeowners lower their bills.

Wiser can be set up in the usual way with the Panasonic Aquarea heat pump, so installers can create multi-zone systems, where heating is remotely controlled room-by-room. Users can then adjust the heating in each room through any web-enabled device.

Engineers can easily select Panasonic as a ‘Partner Connection’ within the Wiser Home app, unlocking new Insight capabilities available exclusively to Panasonic Aquarea heat pump users. There, homeowners will be able to see the temperatures in each room or individual zone.

Through the Panasonic Smart Cloud App, users can access features such as scheduling and a detailed breakdown of the system’s energy consumption from 60 minutes to 7 days. This can help end users compare space utilisation and adjust the system so that energy is not wasted.

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