Flamco SideFlow Clean

All-in-one filter doubles as a dosing point

Flamco has introduced an all-in-one side stream filter for central heating and cooling installations with a maximum working pressure of 16 bar. The SideFlow Clean combines magnetic and bag filtration to trap magnetite and dirt. It is easy to fit on a wall and doubles as a dosing point.

The SideFlow Clean has a stainless steel vessel and is suitable for use in the commercial and industrial sectors. It has a maximum working pressure of 16 bar, and is suitable for system capacities of up to 120,000 litres and power outputs of up to 10 megawatts.

By connecting the SideFlow Clean, up to 10 per cent of the main flow can be diverted through the filter. The magnet holder has two fixed magnets that can trap even very small magnetite particles. There is also a filter holder for use with a removable bag filter that traps solid particles down to 10 microns.

The SideFlow Clean has a high-quality insulating jacket to minimise heat losses and ensure energy-efficient operation. It is supplied with four bag filters and a five-year warranty.

The unit comes with an automatic air vent and a drain valve with hose connection as standard. Two pressure gauges measure the incoming and outgoing pressure, with increased differential pressure between the gauges indicating the degree of dirt saturation in the filter.

A screw-on top enables easy remove of the magnet holder and bag filter for cleaning or replacement.


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