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What’s your dangerous gas work story?


What’s your experience of dangerous or illegal gas work? Is it something you come across regularly or rarely? Gas Safe Register is asking gas engineers to get involved in a new consumer awareness campaign that brings home the real dangers of using an illegal fitter and encourages people to always make sure that their gas engineer is legal by checking the Register.

Many of you already send Registered Gas Engineer magazine photos of the dangerous work you come across, and we feature these every month in our the Good, the Bad and the Ugly section. And you’ve been tweeting photos to Gas Safe Register too as part of the major Don’t Cut Corners with Gas campaign, so that thousands of consumers can see the dangers for themselves.

The newest campaign will focus on the dangers of using an illegal and unqualified gas fitter, as well as the importance of using a Gas Safe registered engineer, and will be launching next week. The campaign identifies the most unsafe cities that are at risk from illegal gas work and how families can ensure they stay gas safe by always using a Gas Safe registered engineer when having gas work carried out.

If you’d like to join representatives from Gas Safe as part of a radio interview, or to be part of the campaign by sending photos of the horrors you’ve seen, please email

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