An image of someone washing their hands in a sink branded with the Rinnai logo

Wash and go with Rinnai’s mobile hot water hygiene station

Rinnai’s new complete mobile hand-wash and hygiene station can supply unlimited amounts of continuous-flow hot water anywhere – in a queue outside a supermarket, shopping area, car park, building site, temporary accommodation blocks or toilet blocks for essential services.

The station consists of a Rinnai 17e hot water delivery unit, mounted on a mobile hand-wash pod, complete with water connections and secured cage. The unit is connected to the water supply easily and gas is via LPG.

The hand-wash station delivers hot water at a pre-set temperature to facilitate, with soap, the quick breakdown of bacteria. The proprietary Rinnai technology will deliver temperature-accurate hot water without any fluctuations to ensure constant supplies of hot water.

The hand station is purpose designed to be outside so any possible contact with the virus can be minimised. Users do not have to go into toilets or wash rooms.

Rinnai’s multipoint ErP A-rated 17e needs no flue because the unit is sited outside and so waste gas gases disperse safely. The unit can be pre-set with a fixed temperature which is tamper-proof.

The Rinnai 17e external internal model measures just 675mm x 370mm x 139mm and weighs in at 14.5kg – a one-person lift. The unit has a temperature range of 37°C to 65°C with direct electronic ignition. Gas input ranges between 4.53kW – 36kW. A single unit is readily capable of flow rates of up to 510 litres per hour at a 50°C rise and has full frost protection.

Hot water delivery flow is 17 litres per minute max flow. Nominal operation pressure is 2-3 bar: however, it can operate at pressures lower than 1 bar.

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