Rinnai launches 100 per cent hydrogen combustion technology

Rinnai has created an efficient continuous flow hot water system fuelled by 100 per cent hydrogen as part of its commitment to carbon reduction. The company says this new 100 per cent hydrogen combustion water heater technology will contribute significantly towards cutting emissions.

All Rinnai’s domestic and commercial UK product ranges are hydrogen-blend ready for the proposed 20 per cent hydrogen/natural gas blend, and all its products display the I2HY20 gas category certificate.

Operations director Chris Goggin said: “We are delighted to see this development coming to market after a period of intense research and design work. We have responded to the need for decarbonisation by re-designing those parts of our products that warranted it – and we recognise that all fuels will factor in the future. Hence, we have launched our H3 initiative of hydrogen, hybrid and heat pump so that our customers have the best possible choices to assist them maximise their own energy efficiency programmes.”


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