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Viessmann rewards engineers with ‘what you really want’

Viessmann-trained gas engineers can exchange points for a multitude of professional products in the the company’s new ‘What you really want’ sales promotion.

Register any Vitodens boilers up to 150kW to earn and accrue points that can be redeemed against a collection of the most popular and practical items from all previous promotions, plus the new addition of PPE. Vitodens boilers, from the 050-W to the 200-W models, earn between 100 and 300 points each.

Rewards range from safety boots (200 points) and tripod lighting (400 points) to electric power flushers (2,500 points) and boilers (2,300 points for a Vitodens 111-W model). 100 points covers a box of 50 disposable face masks. And 2,200 points will cover a trip to visit Viessmann’s factory in Allendorf, Germany, at a future date.

Marketing director Darren McMahon says: “Viessmann installers have told us in no uncertain terms what they would like from a sales promotion – and the answer is that they all value something different. So, the ‘What you really want’ promotion does what it says on the tin – there is something for everyone.

“As we begin to think about getting our lives back to some kind of normality, we would like to give a little back to our loyal installers, whose business we value enormously.”

Boiler installations from 1 January 2020 to registrations made by 28 February 2021 are all valid, and claim forms must be received no later than 31March 2021.

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