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Three of the best from Testo

Testo has three new offers this autumn on selected flue gas analyser kits, the new 55x digital manifolds and the 868 thermal imaging camera.

When you buy a Testo 327, 320B or 300 flue gas analyser kit, you’ll get a free first-year service, saving over £100. Just register on the website before 31 December to claim your free service.

You can get a free electric Wiha screwdriver, worth over £65, when you buy a new Testo 550i, 550s or 557s digital manifold. The new digital manifold range is suitable for heat pumps and refrigeration applications, providing fast measurement and easy operation, with wireless measurement

And there’s £100 off the 868 thermal imaging camera too, which connects to the free Testo Thermography App to create customer reports simply.

All offers end on 31 December 2021.

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