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Think TMVs for baths, says Bristan

Bristan is reminding gas engineers and plumbers to choose thermostatic when selecting products for their customers’ homes.

Certain hot water safeguards are required under Part G of the Building Regulations, says Bristan. In 2010, an amendment mandated that all new-build homes would have devices fitted to baths to limit the temperature of the water to 48°C. This amendment was designed to prevent scalding.

It clarified that compliance would be achieved by fitting a thermostatic mixing valve (TMV). TMVs can help prevent these incidents, maintaining the desired water temperature, even if the incoming water pressure or flow rates change.

Hot bath water is the number one cause of fatal and severe scald injuries in the home, leading to approximately 20 scald-related deaths and almost 600 serious injuries every year.

There are viable alternatives to TMVs – for example, temperature-limiting cartridges – but Bristan says TMVs are the only solution specifically recognised by Approved Document G.

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