Evohome system builder in-use illustration using an in home display and tablet device

Smart zoning made simple with Evohome system builder

The Honeywell Home Evohome smart zoning system has been made simpler with a new online system builder tool. Users can build a tailor-made zoning solution using Evohome with just a few clicks on their phone, tablet or laptop. No sign-up is needed to use the tool or download the detailed system builder evaluation.

The system builder tool is a four-step process that provides a detailed downloadable evaluation of all necessary parts needed to build the right Evohome smart zoning solution for the property:
• Input property requirements, including details of the current heat source system
• Input room details
• Input accessories needed
• Evaluation report produced, which outlines part numbers and descriptions per room.

Martin Wilson, North EMEA regional director at Resideo, says: “Our system builder tool now makes it even easier for installers to understand exactly what they need to configure to put the power to smartly monitor and control home comfort into the hands of their customers.”

You can try it for yourself here.

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