Cistermiser direct flushing system

Save water with direct flushing and Cistermiser

Direct-flushing technologies can help to conserve water in larger commercial and residential properties, says Cistermiser. Traditional cistern systems are often inefficient, prone to leaks, component failure and higher operational costs. But direct flushing eliminates the need for a cistern, which saves space and water.

The company’s managing director Richard Braid says: “Forecasts indicate that within the next 25 years, we could see a 10-15 per cent drop in water availability. And with the UK’s population projected to swell to 75 million by the middle of the century, the additional demand will intensify the strain. Direct flushing [reduces water use] with easy-to-install solutions.”

An infrared flushing system for WCs takes its water feed from the mains supply. This means there is no cistern to be refilled and a second flush can be activated immediately.

“Installers can make a real difference by considering the direct flush discreet (DFD) and direct flush accessible (DFA) products. By using pressure in the system, rather than the principle of gravity, a direct-flush system guarantees a clean bowl in a single flush,” says Richard. “This cuts water consumption, with the potential to save thousands of litres per day in large buildings, translating into substantial cost savings and environmental benefits.”

Cistermiser’s direct-flush systems are durable and straightforward to set up, with low maintenance requirements, says the company.

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