The Rinnai N-Series boiler

Rinnai introduces Sensei N Series

Rinnai’s Sensei N Series of continuous-flow condensing hot water heaters can deliver more than 950 litres of temperature-controlled hot water per hour. The compact design allows for easier installation and servicing, with enhanced operational performance and reliability.

The water heaters are fitted with a stainless steel heat exchanger to extend their working life, and extended warranties provide peace of mind.

The four models are: the N1600i, giving 954 litres per hour; the N1600e (external) giving 954 litres per hour; the N1300i, with 775 litres per hour; and the N1300e, with 775 litres per hour. All are water-efficiency class-A rated.

Other features include a turbo fan, a built-in controller as standard, and a cascade cable assembly that enables up to 24 water heaters to be connected as one complete system.

There is also a built-in flue damper, air inlet filter, new PCB design, and frost protection.

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