A lifestyle image of a Rinnai ambientzone controller

Rinnai and the art of Zen

Rinnai has introduced the Zen and Zen Plus home hot water and heating system which, it says, will increase user comfort and control while also offering greater energy efficiency.

The Zen and Zen Plus system offers constant, temperature accurate hot water delivery at continuous flow rates. Features include an Internet of Things controller as standard, a fast heating mode, DHW pre-heat function, and flue runs up to 30 metres.

An energy monitor function enables users to manage their energy usage, while a Rinnai boiler app is available for Android and iOS devices.

The app connects to the controller inside the property. The user can then control the boiler remotely, adjusting temperature, setting weekly and daily programmes, receiving alarm functions, monitoring energy usage and set limits. The Wi-Fi and boiler controller uses GPS from the user’s mobile to turn on the heat when they are getting close to home, ensuring the house is always warm when they arrive.

The Rinnai Zen and Zen Plus are suitable for natural gas and LPG. Chris Goggin, head of Rinnai UK operations, says: “We have been researching and monitoring the UK domestic heating market for several years until we had a proven system. That time is now, and we are offering hot water heating units, together with a superior-performance combi boiler, in 24kW, 29kW and 35kW outputs.”


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