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ResponsEye: live stream video to Gas Safe Register’s Technical Team

Have you ever thought that it would be easier to show Gas Safe Register’s Technical Team what you’re seeing, rather than trying to explain it on the phone? That’s exactly what you can do now, using to ResponsEye, Gas Safe Register’s new live video streaming tool.

When you call Gas Safe Register for technical support, the technical support officer may now advise you that video streaming could be a suitable way to help with your query. With your agreement, Gas Safe Register will send a text message or email to your mobile phone, containing a link that will enable you to use your phone camera to show the installation in front of you to the technical support officer.

Using ResponsEye means that Gas Safe’s technical support officer can discuss your specific issue with you, and make sure that your discussion is about that specific installation.

Rob Denman, head of Technical Operations, says: “ResponsEye will enhance the ability of our technical support officers to provide a detailed response to the question being asked. It will be deployed at the discretion of the technical support officer where, through discussion with the caller, we see that it will aid the call.

“Our technical support officer will happily deploy ResponsEye where they can see that it will assist, but it’s important to note that, although they can give guidance on the classification of unsafe gas appliances, the responsibility for classifying any unsafe gas appliances on site remains with the competent person present.”

How does it work?
• Gas engineer calls Gas Safe Register’s Technical Helpline to discuss an installation. Technical support officer decides that live video streaming will help to answer their query
• Technical support officer sends a link to the gas engineer’s mobile phone via text message or email
• Gas engineer accepts the link
• Gas engineer live streams from their location using their mobile phone, showing their technical issue to Gas Safe Register’s technical support officer
• Technical support officer discusses the technical problem with the gas engineer.

How do I video stream?
When you accept the link from Gas Safe Register, you’ll receive on-screen instructions to start video streaming using the camera on your phone. ResponsEye works on any smartphone, including Android and iOS, and you do not need to download any apps or special software to set it up.

Conditions of use
• You must confirm that you have your customer’s permission to video stream their installation
• You must show only the installation, and not any other areas of your customer’s house, or the customer themselves
• All images and videos are deleted automatically after 30 days.

ResponsEye in action
Registered Gas Engineer caught up with Stuart Aires of Banstead Boilers to get an exclusive demonstration of how ResponsEye works in action. You can find out more in October’s edition of the magazine, in print or via the free app.

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