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Reporting competence concerns

A reminder of what needs to be reported to Gas Safe Register under the Rules of Registration.

Do I have to report unsafe work carried out by others?
Yes. Reporting unsafe work carried out by others is a requirement under the Rules of Registration, which state: The registered business, and any of its engineers carrying out gas work on behalf of the registered business, must ensure that:
• The Register is notified of any concerns about unsafe gas work carried out by others as soon as possible
• The Register is notified of any evidence of illegal gas work found.

What unsafe work should I report to Gas Safe Register?
You can find a reporting flowchart in Appendix 7 of the Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure (IGEM/G/11), which provides guidance on what and when to report poor work to Gas Safe Register. If an unsafe situation has been caused by poor workmanship or design but does not meet the threshold to report under RIDDOR, you are required to notify Gas Safe Register. You can do this by signing into your online account at and choose Resource Hub. Then select Raise a Competency Concern.

When filling in the form, please include as much detail as possible and describe any actions you have taken.

If you’re reporting illegal gas work, please choose the Report Illegal Gas Work option or email:

What does Gas Safe Register do when it receives a competency concern?
Competency concerns regarding a registered business or engineer are investigated and the Gas Safe Register Sanctions policy will be applied where required.

All reports of unregistered gas work are examined by the Investigations team, which will investigate. Where evidence of unregistered work is identified, it is reported to the relevant enforcement body.

Gas Safe Register cannot share the outcome of its investigation with you, although it understands that this can be frustrating.

You can see all Gas Safe Register’s published policies at:

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