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Plea to help new Register of Tradeswomen reach funding target

Stopcocks Women Plumbers is setting up a new, not-for-profit company that will connect tradeswomen with householders.

Just 1 per cent of women are on the tools, and they’re not easy to find, says founder Hattie Hasan. Stopcocks National Register of Tradeswomen will actively go out and find a tradeswoman if she exists, even if she isn’t on the register.

“We intend to actively increase the number of tradeswomen with training courses for women,” says Hattie, “We know from research carried out by Watersafe that around 38 per cent of women would choose a career in trades if they had their time again. That percentage of women is not making it into the industry by a very long way. So, we’re going to do something about that.”

A significant number of women who train in trades are older and have families to support and so the Register will provide help with funding where it can.

Hattie adds: “We sincerely hope and intend that some of those women who initially choose a tradeswoman because they’re genuinely afraid to have a strange man in their house are inspired by those great role models and decide to join our ranks.

“Please donate to our Crowdfunder, which is to pay for the website and platform for the new not-for-profit company. Some really good guys are doing this at a super lean rate, because they believe in our mission.

“We have two more weeks to reach our target, please make a pledge today and help us get there.”

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