Tradeswomen sitting at a round table at the Women Installers Together event

WIT event to focus on resilience

Women Installers Together (WIT) is almost here. The free annual event for all tradeswomen and trainees is on 4 July and will welcome up to 200 tradeswomen and female trainees.

The day’s theme is maintaining resilience against the odds: something that many tradeswomen need to be highly skilled at doing. It will feature discussions, round tables, lunch, a keynote talk from speaker and solo adventurer Anna McNuff and the usual raffle, goody bags and opportunities to talk to other tradeswomen, as well as MC and founder Hattie Hasan MBE and sponsors.

WIT is the only full day (10-4) event in UK for all tradeswomen and will be held at the Great Hall, London Metropolitan University, Holloway Road, London, N7.

For the women and other minorities attending WIT, this rare opportunity not to be alone can provide a chance to share experiences and recognise strengths they may not realise they had.

For the wider industry, there are useful lessons too. Rather than continuing to ask, “why so few women?” industry leaders can take away key pointers on what needs to change to create a healthier, more inclusive, more attractive culture that is good for everyone in it.

Founded in 1990, Stopcocks Women Plumbers supports women plumbers to become self-employed and is the only national company of self-employed women plumbers and heating engineers. It has helped hundreds of women become plumbers and inspired thousands of women and girls to choose a career in skilled trades.

Stopcocks has run the Women Installers Together (WIT) event since 2017.

More information and tickets here.

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