Navien case study image of LCB700 boiler

Navien LCB700 future-proofs oil boilers

The LCB700 Blue Flame oil boiler range from Navien offers Smart Plus technology and A+ rated efficiency and can be flued up to 21 metres vertically and horizontally.

The oil boilers weigh 67kg and have a compact size, so they can be manoeuvred more easily and installed in tight spaces, such as small plant rooms. The range has been designed with NOx emissions as low as 57mg/kWh, to meet the more stringent NOx levels expected to be introduced in 2022.

The built-in smart display helps users monitor fuel consumption without needing to check the oil tank or install another device to read the oil level.

Jason Davies, Navien’s national business manager, says: “A huge number of UK households rely on oil boilers. We’ve developed the LCB700 to be the perfect upgrade for any ageing oil boiler.

“Not only is it able to deliver exceptional levels of performance, but it is also future-proof thanks to its blue flame burner technology, which keeps efficiencies high and emissions extremely low.”

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