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MCS update delayed to January 2025

The planned redevelopment of MCS to be less driven by paperwork and more about quality has been postponed to January 2025. In an open letter, Ian Rippin, CEO of the standards and certification organisation, said MCS is committed to driving up standards and improving consumer protection but that the scale of the upcoming changes means that it will no longer be relaunched this autumn.

He said: “I think when you see the new scheme you will agree that we have made it more accessible, fairer and less focused on your paperwork and more about the quality of your delivery.

“My commitment is that we’ll be supportive and recognise the great work that the vast majority of installers do, but that we won’t shy away from holding to account those installers who routinely deliver poor results for their customers. It is their actions that negatively affect the reputation of our sector, which challenges consumer confidence.”

The organisation is working with certification bodies to ensure that they are ready to provide the new MCS in 2025.

If you are already certified, you should continue with the current requirements of the scheme until your certification body gives you the option to transfer to the new scheme. You will need to maintain your membership of a consumer code until then.

The main elements of the redeveloped scheme that affect installers are:
• Reducing the focus on paperwork towards assessments that prove quality installations.
• Membership of a consumer code will no longer be mandatory.
• Frequency of assessment will be based on a risk model, where installers whose customers are satisfied are assessed less frequently.
• Standardised assessments will be appropriate to the technology installed.
• Complaint management will be centralised, with a single point of contact for customers, and include Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) where appropriate.

You can read about the main elements of the redeveloped scheme here.

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