Have your say on apprenticeships

Plumbing and heating apprenticeships are joining Phase 3 of the Trailblazer project and you can help shape them in the future – but you only have until 14 November.

Apprenticeships are being redesigned by groups of experienced employers known as Trailblazers. The Trailblazers are leading small and large employers and professional bodies in a wide range of industries. The employers have been collaborating to design standards that will become the basis for new apprenticeships.

Employers have a key role in both leading the process and providing their input concerning content and delivery of apprenticeships, based on their knowledge and experience.

Decisions about reforming plumbing and heating industry apprenticeships will be carried out by an employer group of leading companies in the sector. SummitSkills will be secretariat and APHC will provide development consultative services.

“The employer group has created a short survey”, said Robert Moss of Seddon Construction, chair of the  group. “The survey is part one of a two-stage qualitative research phase and we urge employers in the industry to complete this as it is your opportunity to have a say regarding the future content of plumbing and heating apprenticeships.

“The survey questionnaire has been designed to be used by all types of plumbing and heating companies, including sole traders and is designed to be completed by plumbing business proprietors or business managers. Even if you do not have any employees, the detail that you can provide on the work you carry out will prove invaluable in determining industry qualification requirements.

“Take the time now to voice your input on the future of plumbing and heating apprenticeships.”

• The survey is at  until 14 November 2014.


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