Glow-worm Compact boiler

Glow-worm’s new Compact is small but mighty

Glow-worm says its new Compact boiler is one of the smallest on the market, with a casing size of 626mm x 400mm, making it suitable where space is at a premium, including kitchen cupboards and caravan retrofit projects

The combi is available in 24kW and 28kW in a bundle that comes with a flue and system filter. Its stainless-steel heat exchanger provides protection against corrosion for older systems, helping to increase the lifespan of the boiler.

Features include:
• Touchscreen interface for ease of installation
• Built in bracket for faster fitting
• External eBUS socket to simplify connectivity between the boiler and controls
• Lowest flow operation
• Increased volume for expansion vessel to suit a variety of system sizes, protect water in heating systems from excess pressure
• Additional accessories, including 25mm spacing frame to allow for upward piping, which can still be fitted within a cupboard.

The Glow-worm Compact is available in natural gas and LPG and starts at £499. It’s fully compatible with the company’s range of controls and has a five-year guarantee.

Spencer Clark, commercial director for UK & Ireland, says: “What we’re hearing from installers is that increasingly homeowners are seeking smaller boilers that don’t compromise on performance. The new Glow-worm Compact really packs a punch when it comes to performance, but its size means that it can be easily placed out of sight within the home– for example, within a kitchen cupboard.

“We’re offering training sessions that cover both the product and its applications, as well as expert advice when it comes to installation.”

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