Kamco image of the Clearflow powerflush equipment

Free infrared thermometer from Kamco

Kamco’s new summer promotion offers a free infrared thermometer worth £40 with every Clearflow powerflushing pump bought. The powerflush pump comes with a full hose and adapter set.

Summer is the ideal time to powerflush older heating systems, to restore efficiency at a time when the heating is not so critical to your customer. The thermometer is a handy tool to demonstrate where a heating system is lacking and show your professionalism. It’s accurate to within a 0.1°C.

Switch on the boiler and carefully check the condition of a heating system. Checking that all radiators are equally and evenly hot is part of the assessment. An infrared thermometer with laser dot guidance is a quick and easy way to check how even a radiator’s temperature is across the surface, and is the gas engineer’s eye into what is happening inside the system.

Clearflow pumps generate a high-velocity flow of water that dislodges sludge and corrosion deposits. Heating the system to 50°C once the flushing chemical has been added improves the speed and efficiency of a flush. The cleaning process is improved by rapidly reversing the flow of water to create turbulence in radiators. Fresh water is then driven through the system to purge the debris to waste.

During the powerflush, check radiator temperatures continually. Once they are consistent all over, and the system water is clear, then the powerflush has been successful.

The promotion will run for three months or while infrared thermometer stocks last.


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