Glow-worm's MiGo Link box

Glow-worm revamps and adds to MiGo smart controls

Glow-worm’s connected smart boiler controls have been re-imagined with new features for speedy installation and dependable, affordable control.

Glow-worm boiler installs can now be connected through the MiGo Link internet gateway and either a MiSet, MiGo Select or Climastat Select thermostat, for smart home control. The new MiGo Select completes the range of connected thermostats.

The MiGo Link, app and thermostats are a user-friendly, affordable way to boost energy efficiency and get the best from a Glow-worm boiler, says the company.

MiGo Link and MiGo Select enable the boiler to modulate to ensure it continually operates at its most efficient level. Weather compensation ensures that it fires only when needed, helping to reduce energy use.

Homeowners can use the MiGo Link app to track their energy consumption and, with it, their energy cost savings. They can set up convenient timer programmes via the app, with intuitive adjustments made through the MiGo Link app.

Voice control is available through Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit. Users can ask for information such as current temperature levels and instruct changes such as increasing heating temperatures with a simple vocal instruction.

Mike Lacey, head of Digital Technologies, says: “’Simple, but smart’ has guided MiGo’s development journey. We have ensured that installers will find MiGo Link internet gateway and MiGo Select quick and easy to work with and that customers benefit from a highly convenient way to better understand their energy use, save money and easily control their heating and hot water on the move.”

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