Glow-worm ads back on TV and radio

Glow-worm’s new homeowner awareness campaign features ads across different media platforms including TV, radio, and YouTube.

The advertising programme is targeted to reach more 105 million homeowners, helping to generate sales leads for its Club Energy installers as they head into the busiest time of year.

The TV ad focuses on how Glow-worm boilers can help homeowners save money on energy bills and offer increased connectivity via an app to improve energy efficiency.

The company will also be back on the airwaves with its radio ad, which is expected to reach more than 80 million listeners between now and November. The radio advert will play across Absolute Radio and Radio X, featuring how Glow-worm has been ‘Keeping Britain Glowing’ since 1934.

Marketing director Alice Woolley says: “Last year we renewed our investment in the Glow-worm brand to increase awareness among homeowners. We know this winter is going to be both busy and challenging for installers for many reasons, as the energy crisis continues to loom.

“As part of our long-term strategy, we’re continuing to invest in TV, radio, and in YouTube advertising to ensure recommending Glow-worm products to customers remains as easy as possible, helping to keep installers’ businesses and homes across Britain glowing.”

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