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GB can go green with gas, says EUA

We need to green our gas, heat and transport, the Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUA) has said at the start of Green GB Week.

Seventeen per cent of CO2 emissions in the UK comes from domestic heating and cooking, and 34 per cent from transport, which means that, in order to ‘green Great Britain’ we need to green our gas and use it for heat and transport, says the EUA.

The EUA is urging the government to work collaboratively with the industry to achieve this. Chief executive Mike Foster says: “Our world-leading gas grid is a national asset, invested in for decades to deliver gas into the homes of 85 per cent of the UK population. Not only that; it can play a pivotal role in low-carbon transport, through the use of natural gas vehicles, such as HGVs.

“Gas can be supplied to the vast majority of homes, meeting peak heat demands, in a cost-effective manner. So surely it makes sense to see how this source of energy can become green.

“Green gas is being increasingly recognised as the preferred solution to meet UK heat demand, which is seasonal and demands a flexible supply. Our members are poised to deliver; we now need that green light from the government and to work collaboratively with them to introduce it into people’s homes, businesses and into the UK transport network. EUA believe that green gas addresses the energy trilemma by providing a secure, affordable and flexible source of energy.”

Green GB Week aims to highlight the opportunities that clean growth offers the UK and raise understanding of how businesses and the public can contribute to tackling climate change.

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