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‘Let’s stick with gas’ say Brits

Most people would prefer to continue to use gas in their home rather than a heat pump, according to new research carried out by YouGov for trade body the Energy and Utilities Alliance.

The survey found a marked contrast between the level of support for net zero and endorsement for heat pumps as a route to help get there: 69% of UK adults say it is important the UK reaches its 2050 net zero goal  – but just 10% of those surveyed said they either have a heat pump or want to get one. And 45% said they have not even considered switching to a heat pump.

When it comes to blending natural gas with hydrogen, 51% would support this to reduce the CO2 emissions from home heating, and 66% back making boilers capable of conversion to a zero-carbon gas such as hydrogen from 2030.

EUA CEO Mike Foster says: “Heat pumps have a role to play in decarbonising our homes, but the upfront costs and higher running costs make them the choice of the well-off. For most consumers, they are unable or unwilling to pay the sums needed to fit a heat pump.

“What is crystal clear is the support for keeping gas boilers and decarbonising the gas used. Blending hydrogen into the network is supported by a margin of five to one; and having boilers fitted ready to use a low-carbon gas, like hydrogen, is supported by a margin of seven to one. It is clear what the public want.

“We need to follow the grain of public opinion on this issue. It is central to their lives. We want them to support the drive towards net zero, so we owe it to them to accept the route they wish to see getting there.”

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