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Gas Safe Register trials 
inspection enhancements

Gas Safe Register is trialling some changes to its inspection process to enhance the procedure over the next couple of months, and these changes may affect you if you have a routine inspection coming up.

As previously, Gas Safe Register will contact you three to four weeks ahead of a planned inspection, and will call you a few days beforehand to confirm the site address where it will take place. As part of the trial, some gas engineers are asked to meet the inspector at the site address where the inspection has been arranged, not at their own business address. There is no change to the requirement that you should arrange with your customer in advance where the inspection will take place. Meeting your inspector at your customer’s address should mean that the whole process is quicker.

Remote video technology, which was launched last year, could also help to save time for gas engineers. If an inspection establishes that defects on site need to be rectified, trials are also starting using a video link to confirm that this has been done. Just a quick video link to Gas Safe Register could mean that gas engineers can show that the gas work has been rectified, with no further need to meet an inspector on site, and less paperwork to fill in.

Some engineers who are new to the Register will be offered a remote technical assessment initially. Through the video link, their inspector will be able to find out how they approach gas work, and assess their knowledge and competence. A site visit inspection will then take place later. It’s important to note that not all newly qualified gas engineers will go through this process, and they will be advised if this approach is suitable for them.

All gas engineers who have been asked to take part in the trials will be asked for their feedback afterwards to support Gas Safe Register’s moves to enhance its inspection process.

Face-to-face group inspection events have been paused throughout the COVID pandemic.

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