People celebrating at a festival

Festivals urged to raise awareness of CO risks

Festival organisers are being encouraged to raise awareness of the risks of CO poisoning, after a Parliamentary discussion hosted by the All-Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group (APPCOG).

Research from think-tank Policy Connect found that many festival-goers are unaware of the dangers, and 49 per cent of those questioned said they would use a BBQ inside their tent.

APPCOG made a number of recommendations to raise awareness of CO poisoning at festivals, and to reduce the risk of exposure:

  • Disposable BBQ manufacturers should display prominent and easy-to-understand warnings on packaging to prevent users taking BBQs inside enclosed spaces such as tents
  • Festival providers should train their staff to recognise and raise awareness of the risks and symptoms of CO poisoning, intervene when risky behaviours are spotted, and improve support for festival goers exposed to CO.

The discussion also highlighted the importance of distributing a clear and simple message to raise awareness of CO safety and stop dangerous behaviours.

Attendees recommended a multi-media approach, including mobile phone advertising, displaying CO information on festival apps, and using high-profile partners such as bands to engage festival-goers. Information about how to use BBQs safely should be conveyed as a clear, simple message, with activities planned well in advance.

The Parliamentary discussion was part of APPCOG’s wider efforts to raise awareness of CO, and involved representatives of leading festival providers, the gas industry, and CO campaign groups.


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