New Gas Safe ad

Don’t Cut Corners is back – and now it’s on TV

Look out for Gas Safe Register on TV. The successful Don’t Cut Corners campaign is being brought to life on TV screens around the country in a new 30-second ad, starting today (5 November).

The TV ad shows Jack, a man who’s obsessed with corners but will never cut them. Jack takes corners at football, folds perfect corners to make a paper plane for his son, and can make a nifty dovetail joint – but he never cuts corners with gas. He’s seen peering at his boiler but, because he never cuts corners, he knows to find an expert through Gas Safe Register.

The ad brings to life the human story behind Gas Safe’s Don’t Cut Corners awareness campaign, which started earlier in 2018. It aims to make sure that homeowners know that it’s always the right thing to do to call in a Gas Safe registered expert whenever they need work doing on their gas appliances at home, and directs viewers to Gas Safe Register’s website to find that expert.

It will be broadcast throughout the next few months on more than 20 TV channels, including ITV2, ITV3, Discovery, More4, Yesterday, Home and Good Food.

But it’s not only on your TV. You’ll hear Don’t Cut Corners on the radio, spot outdoor advertising posters, and this week sees big advertisements in national newspapers. Bold online ads complete the range of different media that will support the message to find an expert through Gas Safe Register.

Gas Safe’s Head of Communications Scott Darroch says: “We know that gas engineers have been keen for us to use TV as a medium to reach consumers. We’ve wanted to do this for a long while.

“We know that the first wave of our Don’t Cut Corners campaign was well received by consumers and engineers. We’ve undertaken a lot of consumer research about the kind of audiences that we want to really target, and this new wave, involving, TV, radio, out-of-home and print advertising is a really strong way to remind people not to cut corners with gas.”

See the ad here:

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