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Dirt separation and deaeration made simple

Spirotech’s new Better Heating hub is a dedicated website that aims to let homeowners know about the benefits of dirt separation and deaeration.

Research carried out by Spirotech found that more than 80 per cent of gas engineers think homeowners don’t understand the concept of deaeration; nearly one-third say the same when it comes to dirt separation, too.

Although nearly 60 per cent of engineers recommend a deaerator and dirt separator to their customers as standard, one of the key reasons that they chose not to go ahead with the installation is a lack of awareness of their benefits.

Spirotech’s Better Heating hub is a single information resource with easy-to-understand explanations of why air and dirt is present in a heating system, what the signs are of contamination and the negative impact this can have on system efficiency and reliability.

There’s also handy symptom checker, video guides and information on how and why a deaerator and dirt separator should be fitted.

UK business unit director Kevan Peaker says: “The results of our research confirmed what we have known for some time; heating engineers are taking every effort to encourage homeowners to protect their heating system, but lack of consumer understanding means many systems are left contaminated.

“We were keen to develop a resource that benefits professionals when they are talking to customers as part of boiler services or new installs. Our new Better Heating hub is designed to not only capture the interest of homeowners who are searching online for an explanation for their noisy pipework and cold spots on their radiators, but is also a place that heating engineers can direct their customers to, if they are unsure about going ahead with system protection measures.

“The installer section of the website also contains a helpful advice leaflet that can be downloaded and shared with customers or printed copies can be requested.”

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