CO Research Trust: the new name for the Gas Safety Trust

The Gas Safety Trust is now known as The CO Research Trust, to provide a more accurate reflection of the work it carries out, and Baroness Finlay has become the charity’s new chair of the Board of Trustees.

“We fight CO exposure through funding scientific research as we believe that this will make the greatest difference. The new name more accurately conveys the focus of our work,” says Baroness Finlay.

”The CO Research Trust is entering an exciting new phase, where the focus of attention is firmly upon understanding the mechanics of CO poisoning, thereby improving the diagnosis and treatment. I am confident that the Trust’s work will have a great impact and significantly contribute to our understanding and prevention of carbon monoxide exposure.”

Since the Trust was established in 2005, the UK’s gas industry has taken significant steps forward to prevent CO exposure, thanks in part to better regulation and improved technologies. However, the picture is less clear in other fuel sectors. The new name reflects the broader focus of CO concern, beyond gas safety, says the charity.

Chris Bielby, who has been chair of the Board of Trustees since 2005, will continue as a trustee.

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