The Gafety Challenge, image shows a presenter, gas engineer and customer in front of a boiler

Brits urged to take the Gas Safety Challenge

Nine in 10 homeowners reckon they could spot the signs and symptoms of unsafe gas in their homes. And almost all (98 per cent) say that their home would be up to the challenge if a gas engineer were to knock on their door and carry out a gas safety spot-check. But when Gas Safe Register put 2,000 homeowners through a nine-question Gas Safety Challenge, just four (0.2 per cent) got all the questions right.

The Register’s national survey quizzed people on the key things they should know, including how flames on gas hobs should look, flue blockages, boiler error codes and smells, and the sounds and sights around the home that signal something could be wrong.

But despite most people claiming they would spot these signs:
• More than half (55 per cent) of homeowners didn’t know where to turn off the gas supply off in an emergency
• Almost half (47 per cent) couldn’t correctly spot the signs and symptoms of CO poisoning
• 47 per cent don’t have a CO alarm in their home, or, if they do, can’t be sure it works because it’s not tested regularly
• 48 per cent have taken on the job of inspecting their home’s flue, with 5 per cent of those attempting to remove a blockage themselves
• One-quarter didn’t know that that a gas hob flame should be crisp and blue.

The Register wants people to get more clued up on the signs and symptoms of unsafe gas appliances and the simple, free ways they can make sure their home is safe. Its new Gas Safety Challenge is a new short film that invites them to refresh their knowledge – a tongue-in-cheek take on the Daz Doorstep Challenge TV ads from the 90s and 00s – highlighting the signs and symptoms that homeowners should be clued up on, and on the lookout for, in their homes.

Gas Services director Bob Kerr says: “What’s clear from our research is that there’s a misguided confidence among the UK public: what they think they know and how that plays out in their homes is very different. We’re all feeling pressure on our finances at the moment but taking our Gas Safety Challenge this winter is a fast, fun and free way to brush up on what you know and to check there are no dangers hiding in plain sight.

“We’re urging everyone who has gas in their home to take the challenge so they can start off 2023 ‘better gas safe than sorry’. If your home doesn’t pass the challenge, don’t be tempted to try a DIY fix. Check the Gas Safe Register to find a local engineer who can help.”

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