Plumb Center branches

BeTradeHappy in all Plumb Center’s branches

Plumb Center’s online customer feedback platform is being rolled out to the full branch network. BeTradeHappy lets gas engineers share their own experiences of the merchant’s branches, and has been on trial in 69 branches, receiving more than 2,000 comments from customers.

BeTradeHappy is part of a major initiative to improve customer service levels across Plumb Center’s full branch network. Branch managers will now receive local customer feedback so that they can respond straight away. Plumb Center expects to reach more than 60,000 customers every year through this approach.

Whenever a customer makes a purchase in branch, they’ll be invited to give feedback via BeTradeHappy. The survey takes just a few minutes and there is the option to request a call back if they are not happy with the service. There is also a prize draw to be won each month for providing feedback.

The site was originally trialled at the Rawdon branch, where local plumbing and heating installer John Brimble won a prize for filling out the post-purchase survey.

Tristan Aldus, local network manager at Plumb and Parts Center, said: “BeTradeHappy is great news for our customers and branch teams. It immediately identifies and rewards great service and also helps us identify any issues, ensuring we provide the best branch experience for our customers.”

Gary Hitchens, customer service director, says: “We’ve been listening intently to our customers and branch colleagues over the past 12 months and wanted to do something that allows our branches to respond instantly to their customers. BeTradeHappy is an opportunity for installers to inform branches of the level of service they received, in real time. We want our customers to know we are listening to what they have to say, and are here to make every experience a happy one.”

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