Someone accessing Fernox Water Treatment Training from their tablet

Access online training from Fernox

Fernox has released an online training module focusing on water treatment for central heating systems. The interactive course is aimed at engineers with varying levels of experience, providing information and details on how and when to use the company’s product range.

The module covers a range of topics, including why water treatment is necessary, the importance of cleaning the central heating system, and why inhibiting is crucial to maintain central heating system health and efficiency. Each section is designed to expand the engineer’s knowledge of central heating system maintenance and ensure they can effectively advise their customers.

The 20-minute module also provides an overview of the Fernox product portfolio, covering the Protector F1, Protector+ Filter Fluid; Boiler Noise Silencer F2; Cleaner F3; Leak Sealer F4; and the TF1 filter range. Videos explain the role of the each product and explore the science behind them and how they work.

On completion of the course, participants can take the Fernox Water Treatment Quiz to formalise their knowledge and receive a downloadable certificate upon successful completion (correctly answering at least 70 per cent of the questions).

The Fernox Water Treatment Training Course is online at


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