Warm to Stelrad CPD learning

Stelrad’s two CPD programmes are now available online. The initial CPD seminar explains the technical differences between serial and parallel-feed radiators and highlights how new serial-feed technology helps reduce fuel costs and carbon footprint.

The seminar takes attendees through the basics of radiator technology, explaining the mix of radiant and convection heat and highlighting the basis on which current radiators operate, using parallel feed technology which sees both front and back panels of a radiator heating up at the same time.

The seminar progresses into the concept of serial feed technology that is used in the new Stelrad Radical radiator range. This highlights how the Radical radiator sees the front panel heat up first and quickest and through the inclusion of factory-fitted thermostatic valve controls, the heated water is allowed into the back panel only when a pre-determined temperature has been reached.

Stelrad’s second CPD seminar highlights information about low surface-temperature radiators, for use in buildings where young, elderly or vulnerable people may live, work or visit.

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