Vaillant joins hydrogen demonstration project

Vaillant is taking part in the H21 South Bank project that is set to demonstrate the use of 100 per cent hydrogen for home heating using the existing gas network.

Vaillant has installed its hydrogen boiler in a bespoke facility as part of the project, which is located near a small number of homes in South Bank, Middlesbrough. The project will provide valuable data for the next stage of the UK government’s hydrogen roll-out – the hydrogen village – which is expected to convert up to 2,000 occupied homes and commercial buildings with 100 per cent hydrogen for a minimum of 12 months.

Using the data collected at the South Bank site, Vaillant will examine practicalities such as gas tightness and purging through to installation needs.

The boiler Vaillant has installed is its first wall-mounted condensing boiler to have been adapted and certificated to operate with 100 per cent hydrogen, according to the Gas Appliance Regulation, for installation in pilot sites in real operation mode.

Mark Wilkins, technologies and training director at Vaillant, said: “As the need to decarbonise the way we heat our home intensifies, it’s vital that the industry support as many projects as possible to ensure the government’s hydrogen roadmap can be successfully delivered.

“We are therefore delighted to be playing an important role in this project and help provide valuable data and practical validation, that will guide installation and legislation going forward.”

H21 South Bank is led by Northern Gas Network, with support from DNV.

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