Boris boilers cashback scheme

Thousands apply for ‘Boris Boilers’ vouchers

More Londoners have heard about the ‘Boris Boilers’ scheme from their gas engineer than anywhere else.

Nearly 40 per cent of people learned about Mayor Boris Johnson’s London Boiler Cashback Scheme from engineers. So far, more than 4,300 people are in the process of applying for £400 cashback when they replace their old, inefficient boiler.

The scheme, launched on 2 February, is designed to benefit 6,500 of the capital’s owner-occupiers and residential landlords. They must provide details of the boiler to be replaced, along with those of the gas engineer, and then they will receive a £400 voucher, after which the boiler can be replaced.

To be eligible, boilers must be old and inefficient, typically Band G, over 15 years old and gas, oil, LPG or solid fuel. They must be in working order and be the main heat source in the home. Only one application per person can be made.

The Energy Saving Trust is currently reviewing 2,100 completed applications, and around 1,400 vouchers have already been issued. Any vouchers not used within 12 weeks of application will be released to other appliances.

The Greater London Authority has made £2.6 million of funding available for the scheme, and many manufacturers have piggybacked their own offers and promotions on to the scheme.

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