Icon signifying a Gas Safe Register Safety Alert

Safety Alert 034: Ideal Boilers

Developed with Ideal Heating Ltd
Date issued: 7 March 2024

This Safety Alert provides guidance to Gas Safe registered businesses/engineers about a product safety concern related to some Ideal-manufactured boilers.

Gas Safe Register has been made aware of a concern regarding the possibility of a range of Ideal combi and system boilers that could be affected by an excessive amount of air being trapped in the heat exchanger in a fault condition, where it may lead to the boiler overheating and to fail.

Ideal Heating has identified a potential risk with some Logic combi and system boilers. The fault relates to a condition where excessive air is trapped in the heat exchanger during a fault condition, although thepossibility of this remains extremely low at less than 1 in 10,000. The following range of boilers are affected:

  • Logic Combi²
  • Logic System²
  • Logic + Combi²
  • Logic + System²
  • Logic Max Combi²
  • Logic Max System²
  • iMini²
  • Independent Combi²
  • Keston Combi²
  • Keston System²

This issue only affects models produced between August 2022 and 7 January 2024. Boilers manufactured before and after this date are not affected.

Corrective actions
Ideal Heating has set up a dedicated support website where customers and engineers can check if a product is affected. If you believe a product to be affected, please visit the support webpage at www.idealsupport.co.uk and enter the product’s 14-digit serial number.

Alternatively, contact Ideal Heating for free by telephone on 0808 1759173 with the appliance serial number. The serial number can be found underneath the boiler on the bottom left or on the installation and servicing manual for the boiler left by the installer.

If the boiler is in the affected ranges, you will be asked to register the details of the installation, including the full postal address and contact details for the customer. Alternatively, you will be advised that the product is not within the affected range and no further action is required.

If the product is affected, Ideal Heating will then arrange for a visit to the appliance as part of its ongoing commitment to product safety and reliability. There is an additional component that will need to be added to the boiler. This will be installed by an engineer and is an additional safety device that is above and beyond the safety measures already within the boiler. It will not affect the performance or efficiency of the boiler. The visit will take 30-60 minutes.

Customers can continue to use the boiler: however, they should ensure their boiler pressure is at 1.5bar.

Details of how to top up the system pressure can be found in both the installation manual and user guides provided with the boiler.

If at any point you are unsure or have any questions, please visit the dedicated website or contact Ideal Heating free of charge on 0808 1759173.