Safety Alert 031

 Developed with Navigator MSL Ltd
SALVUS “Micropoint Angle” Gas hoses – Male thread end connection issue

Date issued: 4 April 2023

This Safety Alert provides guidance to Gas Safe registered businesses/engineers about a product safety concern related to some SALVUS micropoint cooker hoses.

Gas Safe Register has been advised by the manufacturer of an issue regarding some SALVUS branded angled micropoint gas hoses.

Safety concern
Navigator is advising that a very small percentage (1.2 per cent) of their SALVUS”branded 1m and 1.25m angled micropoint gas hoses may have a missing pin from the 3-pin array that holds the male thread swivel section joint on to the gas hose itself.

The missing pin represents a risk that continued movement and twisting could cause other pins to fall out. If all pins fall out, the male connector section could detach from the hose section and gas will continue to flow from the hose. Only hoses purchased/installed between January 2019 and December 2022 may be affected.

The two lines affected are:
• BFGHENEM-100 SALVUS 1.00M EN 14800 Gas Hose Elbow Micropoint
• BFGHENEM-125 SALVUS 1.25M EN 14800 Gas Hose Elbow Micropoint

The problem does not affect any other SALVUS straight or bayonet gas hose, or any other manufacturer hoses.

Corrective actions
If you have purchased one of these gas hoses, you should check that the male threaded end has three pins in place in the assembly and not two. The images below show what the pins look like “in place” and “not in place”.

If you do identify a hose with a pin missing, disconnect it from the gas supply. You should then contact Navigator MSL on 01234 783755 or by email to

Leave your name, address and contact details and Navigator will arrange a direct replacement to be sent out to you and collect the existing hose. There are further instructions on the Navigator website at:

Hose showing pin in place                            Hose showing pin not in place